Potential Changes to Soccer Program (For Ages 9-14)

We are currently in the participant and coaches sign up phase of the fall soccer season.  To provide a quality soccer program more in line with the American Youth Soccer Organization and ensure our players derive the most out of their experience this season, some changes have been suggested.  These changes primarily deal with organizing the age group 9-14 into two (2) brackets versus three (3) and the potential use of larger fields for players in those age groups (i.e., 9-11 and 12-14 age brackets), which will allow us to put more players on the field.

 There will be some growing pains but the Association staff, working with some of the potential coaches, is arduously working the details to provide optimum team sizes, practice times, game schedules, and use of facilities. There has been some confusion as far as which teams and coaches will be available; however, until we close registration and quantify the number of children by age, it is impossible to finalize the number of teams, coaches required or available, field sizes, or a practice schedule for the 9-14 age group.

 During the ongoing sign up period, please register your child and identify which coach and practice time you prefer.  Have faith we will do our best to accommodate each participant.  Continue to bear with us and rest assured that these changes will benefit each and every player giving them the opportunity to truly enjoy their VWOA soccer experience.

 You may have heard that the Association staff and some potential coaches met early on to communicate/discuss new ideas, including but not limited to: proposed team sizes, field sizes, potential schedule, and tentative practice schedule.  While many issues were discussed and tentatively agreed upon, nothing was finalized at that meeting since the Board made the field sizes, age brackets for 9-14, number of teams, team sizes, etc., contingent upon the final numbers of participants after completion of registration.

Note: In order for any changes for the 9-14 age brackets to be effective, registration has to have a minimum of four (4) teams signed-up in each of the two (2) proposed brackets (i.e., 9-11 & 12-14).  There is no maximum number of teams.

 The Association staff will host a meeting on August 9th of all the coaches that signed up during registration.  They will work together at this meeting to finalize all details of the 2014 Fall Soccer Season.  Notices of this meeting will be posted to the website, to the constant contact email, and to each coach that provided their email information to the office at registration.  It is very important that all coaches be at or have their representative at this meeting.

 This is the official VWOA position–no matter what you may have heard or have been told.  The Association sanctioned coaches, staff and Board will do its best to meet every request, but ultimately we must do what is best for everyone as a whole and what makes sense overall.

 VWOA Board of Directors

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