Week in Westcreek April 2 – 8, 2012

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2012 Assessments

The second quarter assessments are now due. The assessments for 2012 are $312.00 for the year or $78.00 quarterly. If you pay quarterly, please remember the due dates are January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1, 2012. Finance charges are applied on past due assessments.

The office will be open Saturday April 14, 2012 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.


Thank You

The VWOA Easter Egg Hunt held this past Saturday March 31, 2012, was a great success. VWOA would like to thank all of the volunteers for donating candy, stuffing eggs, and for assisting with the event. We appreciate your time, donations, and support that led to another successful family-fun event.


Easter Holiday

The office will be closed Friday April 6, 2012 in observance of Good Friday.


April Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors will be hosting two meetings in April. The first is Wednesday April 11, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the Community Center. This meeting will be the regular monthly meeting for the Board of Directors. All are welcome to attend.

On April 19, 2012, the Annual Board of Directors meeting and election will be held at 7:00 pm in the Community Center. All are welcome to attend.


Sports Park

Please remember to view the current rules before going to the Sports Park. You can find the link on our home page at www.villagesofwestcreek.com. Please note the updated rules below:

*Any Villages of Westcreek Owners Association (VWOA) member with a valid VWOA identification card will be allowed to bring a maximum of three (3) guests each to the Sports Park.  In situations where more than three (3) guests are requested, a waiver is needed. The member may submit a request in writing to the Community Manager no less than seven (7) days before the date for which the waiver is requested.

*All private pavilion parties in excess of 100 people must pay for and have a security officer on duty the entire length of the party.  For every additional 100 attendees, an additional security guard is required.

*No sports teams, clubs, leagues, or groups, which operate outside of the VWOA organization are allowed to practice or play games in the VWOA Sports Park without first getting written approval from the VWOA Board of Directors.

Also a couple of other reminders- Please make sure you have your ID cards when going to the park. The Park attendants are checking them to make sure they are current. If you have not had them updated, please stop by the office and the staff will gladly assist you.

Additionally, please remember that pets are NOT allowed in the Tot Lot area, and all pets must be on a leash all the time when at the Sports Park.


Positions Open

VWOA is now accepting applications for the following positions:

Life Guards

Please stop by the office for an application.




The Villages of Westcreek is now on Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, you can look us up and “like” our Facebook page to receive updates and information about your community.





Standards Tips

This is the time of the year when many of our homeowners are doing their spring planting and landscaping of their yards. After several years of a very harsh drought, these things are needed. The standards do allow for minor landscaping without going to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Here are some things to keep in mind while you are looking at trees and plants at your local Nursery. Anything planted or built within ten feet of the curb must be no taller than three feet in height. This includes bushes, plants and concrete pillars. If you cut or prune any type of an Oak Tree it must be treated immediately with either a latex paint or a commercial tree dressing to help decrease the spread of Oak Wilt. Oak Wilt can wipe out an entire stand of trees and there is no cure for it.

The hot Texas sun has also taken a toll on our wood fences. I ask that each resident go out and look at their fences and make any necessary repairs. Remember you cannot mix picket sizes.

Keep Westcreek Beautiful.  Do not litter. Please take a moment to dispose of any litter you may find.


Public Safety Tip

Delaying a burglar for four minutes is generally considered sufficient to prevent entry into a residential dwelling.

Good neighbors make safe neighborhoods! If you see something or someone suspicious by your neighbor’s home, report it to law enforcement and let them do the rest! Be a Good Witness!

Facebook Count: 306

Upcoming Meetings:

No scheduled meetings this week.








Happening This Week:

Monday 04/02

9:00 am-Women’s Total Fitness

5:30 pm -Creative Dance (ages 3-5)

5:30pm -Ballet/Tap (ages 4-6)

6:30 pm -Cardio Kickboxing

7:30 pm- Zumba

Tuesday 04/03

4:30 pm- ARC Meeting

5: 00 pm-Youth Karate

6:15 pm- Adult Karate

7:30 pm- Body Boot Camp

Wednesday 04/04

9:00 am -Women’s Total Fitness

5:30 pm -Hip-Hop (ages 7-12)

5:30 pm- Ballet/Jazz/Tap (ages 7-12)

6:30 pm- Cardio Groove

7:30 pm- Zumba

Thursday 04/05

5: 00 pm-Youth Karate

6:15 pm- Adult Karate

7:30 pm- Body Boot Camp

Friday    04/06- Office Closed

Saturday 04/07

9:00 am -VWOA Soccer games

Sunday   04/08

No events



Association Report Card:

Unpaid Assessments: $ 75,813.54

Total number on Constant Contact: 1332

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12395 Military Drive West
San Antonio, TX 78253
Phone: 210-679-8761
Info Line: 210-679-7241
Fax: 210-679-0040

After Hours Emergency Contact Number: 210-494-0659. If Life or Fire Emergency, call 911 first then the after hours Emergency Contact Number.

Office Email:

Board Email:


Monday 9: 00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 9: 00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 9: 00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 9: 00 am – 6:00 pm

NOTE: The Office is open on the 2nd Saturday each month from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm


Mintco, the subcontractor for AT&T will need access to certain backyards. Over the next several weeks, Mintco crews will be working in the Villages of Westcreek. The crews will need to access backyard easements so crew members will be leaving door hangers. Should you receive one, we ask that you please make arrangements or accommodations for the crew members to have access.

Once the work is complete, they will mend any damage caused to your lot during this process.

If you, the homeowner, have any questions you may call Oscar Hernandez with Mintco at 210-634-9055.