Week In Westcreek June 25-July 1, 2012


2012 Assessments

The third quarter assessments are due by Sunday July 1, 2012.

The assessments for 2012 are $312.00 for the year or $78.00 quarterly. If you pay quarterly, please remember the due dates are January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1, 2012. Finance charges are applied on past due assessments.


IMPORTANT**** Your cards must be current to have access to the park, pools, and any VWOA events


Important Pool Information

The VWOA pools are open. Please keep the following information in mind when you arrive to use the pools.

1. Residents must have a VWOA ID with current stickers- Valid ID card stickers should reflect the second quarter (2-2) or Third quarter (3-2). If you paid for the year, the stickers should show 4-2.

2. Residents are allowed to bring 2 guests per ID card at $3.00 per guest. However, no more than 4 guests per household.

3. All children who are not potty-trained must wear a swim-diaper before entering the pool. Swim           diapers are available for purchase at the pools.

4. A complete pool schedule is available on our website www.villagesofwestcreek.com


Board of Directors Meeting

The June Board of Director’s meeting is Thursday June 28, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend.


Call for Help!

Your community needs your help.  There are important committees that need membership and support from community members:

  • Bylaws Ad-hoc Committee (reviewing and rewriting our bylaws to make them comply with our latest Texas State laws)
  • Public Safety Committee (identifying methods of making our neighborhoods safer)
  • Landscape Committee (designing landscape solutions and ideas for the common areas within Westcreek)
  • Pool Ad-hoc Committee (developing programs and establishing rules for the use of our community pools, a sub-committee under Sports and Park Committee).

These committees do not take up too much of your time and your input is critical to the success of our community.  Please volunteer and be an active member of our community and help us continue to make Westcreek a great place to live and raise our families.  Contact the staff at our Community Center if you are interested in serving on any of these committees.  Thank you.

Road Construction

Bexar County Public Works is in the process of doing what they call Chip Seal. They are doing one neighborhood or village at a time. The process involves cleaning the streets, laying down a mixture of oil and tar (seal), laying down rock (chip) and then rolling the stone so that it binds with the oil and tar. The last step is to come back and sweep the streets for any loose or excess stone. There will not be a second
sealer or coat placed over the stone. A total of 86 streets in the Villages of Westcreek are to undergo this process in the next several weeks. Employees from Bexar County Public Works will leave written notices at your home when they are preparing to chip seal the streets in your neighborhood. Do not park in the street until the work is completed. The Quail Meadows Village will be started on June 26, 2010. These are public streets that Bexar County is responsible for the maintenance and up keep of. The association did ask if there was a different process they could use and we were told that this was what was going to be done for these streets at this time.


Communications Committee Community Project

Communications Committee Project: The Communications Committee is currently working on a video project for our web site. We want to highlight our community and the surrounding areas for those who may look at our web site and consider moving into the Villages of Westcreek. If you are someone who feels they have a yard worth showing off and would allow the photographers for the Communications Committee to come over to your home and take pictures of your property please contact Ken Lemanski at vwoa-cc@sbcglobal.net.


Sports Park Improvements

Starting Monday May 21, 2012 the Sports Park fields will be closed for at least 30 days. The irrigation system and fields will be repaired during this time.  Currently the fields are being reseeded so please do not go on the areas that have been cordoned off. The Tot Lot, Tennis courts, Basketball court, and swimming pools will be available for use. Thank you for your cooperation during the improvements to the facilities.


Stage 2 Water Restrictions

We are still in Stage 2 water restrictions. Please visit www.saws.org website for more information.


Positions Open

VWOA is now accepting applications for the following positions:

Superintendent of Parks and Recreation

Please stop by the office for an employment application form.



The Villages of Westcreek is now on Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, you can look us up and “like” our Facebook page to receive updates and information about your community.

Facebook Count:   375


Standards Tips

The Standards Monitors have been busy handing out our new “Thank You” notices to the homeowners and residents who have kept up with or exceeded the standards and it reflects in the appearance of their yards.

Upon the recommendation of the Communications Committee all of the Standards Monitors have been issued bright Lime Green reflective vests for easy identification. They will also have their VWOA issued ID Badge with their picture on it.


Public Safety Tip

Since school let out for summer vacation the incidents of graffiti and tagging have drastically increased in the Villages of Westcreek. This type of crime is often committed by juveniles who are out late at night or have a lot of idle time on their hands. Vandalism cost the association thousands of dollars, and it takes our maintenance department away from the scheduled upkeep of our community. If you see someone in the act of committing this type of crime please call 911. If you discover any graffiti please call the association office and let us know so that we can get it removed as soon as possible.

The association will prosecute those who are caught tagging.

Upcoming Meetings

Monday, June 25, 2012 the By-laws committee will be holding their meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the conference room. All are welcome to attend.


Thursday June 28, 2012 at 7:00 pm the monthly Board of Directors meeting will be held in the Community Center. All are welcome to attend.


Association Report Card:

Unpaid Assessments: $64,082.63

Total number on Constant Contact: 1391


Happening This Week:

Monday 06/25

9:00 am-Women’s Total Fitness

10:00 am- Water Aerobics

5:30 pm- Creative Dance

5:30 pm- Ballet/Tap

6:30 pm -Cardio Kickboxing

7:00 pm- By-laws Committee meeting

7:30 pm- Zumba

8:00 pm- Water Aerobics

Tuesday 06/26

4:30 pm- ARC Meeting

5: 00 pm-Youth Karate

6:15 pm- Adult Karate

7:30- Body Boot Camp

Wednesday 06/27

9:00 am- Women’s Total Fitness

10:00 am- Water Aerobics

5:30 pm- Hip-Hop

6:30 pm- Cardio Groove

7:30 pm- Zumba

8:00 pm- Water Aerobics

Thursday 06/28

7:00 pm- Board of Directors Meeting

Friday    06/29

9:00 am- Women’s Total Fitness

10:00 am- Water Aerobics

5: 00 pm-Youth Karate

6:15 pm- Adult Karate

Saturday 06/30

No events

Sunday   07/01

3rd Quarter Assessments Due

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San Antonio, TX 78253
Phone: 210-679-8761
Info Line: 210-679-7241
Fax: 210-679-0040

After Hours Emergency Contact Number: 210-494-0659. If Life or Fire Emergency, call 911 first then the after hours Emergency Contact Number.

Office Email:

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Monday 9: 00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 9: 00 am – 6:00 pm
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NOTE: The Office is open on the 2nd Saturday each month from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm


Mintco, the subcontractor for AT&T will need access to certain backyards. Over the next several weeks, Mintco crews will be working in the Villages of Westcreek. The crews will need to access backyard easements so crew members will be leaving door hangers. Should you receive one, we ask that you please make arrangements or accommodations for the crew members to have access.

Once the work is complete, they will mend any damage caused to your lot during this process.

If you, the homeowner, have any questions you may call Oscar Hernandez with Mintco at 210-634-9055.