Week in Westcreek, May 14th – 20th, 2012

2012 Assessments

The second quarter assessments are now due. The assessments for 2012 are $312.00 for the year or $78.00 quarterly. If you pay quarterly, please remember the due dates are January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1, 2012. Finance charges are applied on past due assessments.


Valid ID card stickers should reflect the second quarter (2-2) or third quarter (3-2). If you paid for the year, the stickers should show 4-2. Your cards must be current to have access to the park, pools, and VWOA events like the upcoming Annual Picnic.


Board of Directors Meeting

The BOD will be holding their monthly meeting Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the Community Center. All are welcome to attend.

Immediately following, the BOD will hold their Executive Meeting. This is a closed session.


Annual Picnic May 19, 2012, 11:00 am-3:00 pm

VWOA residents get ready -The Annual Picnic is this Saturday. The event is always fun and a great success. There will be activities for all ages, food, drink, and music. In addition, there will be performances from local high school ROTC teams, SMASH, Olympic Karate, and Lucy’s Body Shop. All residents 12 and older must bring a current VWOA ID card to gain free entrance. Non-resident guests are welcome to attend the event for $8.00 per person. We look forward to seeing everyone there and to enjoy the day with our community!


Entertainment Coupon Books

The VWOA Sports Park committee has additional entertainment coupon books for sale. The cost is $20.00 per book and includes great discounts for many local businesses. They can be purchased at the office. The proceeds from the book sales will go to enhancing the VWOA Sports Park and amenities. Your support is greatly appreciated.


















VWOA Pools Are Open

The community pools are open. Please refer to our website www.villagesofwestcreek.com for the complete schedule and list of pool rules.


Stage 2 Water Restrictions

This does affect all of the neighborhoods in the Villages of Westcreek.

SAWS does hire off duty law enforcement officers to enforce these rules. If you are new to the San Antonio area these rules are strictly enforced by SAWS.


Watering with an irrigation system or sprinkler is allowed only once a week from 3-8 a.m. and 8-10 p.m. on your designated watering day as determined by your address:

Last Digit
of Street
0 or 1 Monday
2 or 3 Tuesday
4 or 5 Wednesday
6 or 7 Thursday
8 or 9 Friday
No watering on weekends with a sprinkler, soaker hose or irrigation system. Areas without a street address, such as medians and neighborhood entryways, water on Wednesday.

Source: www.saws.org

SAWS recommends that irrigation system settings be checked to ensure they are utilized on the correct day during the designated hours. Visit www.saws.org/conservation for more information, or call 210-704-SAVE (7283) to schedule an appointment.

Customer service inquiries: service@saws.org.

Web site issues:



Positions Open

VWOA is now accepting applications for the following positions:

Life Guards

Please stop by the office for an employment application form.



The Villages of Westcreek is now on Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, you can look us up and “like” our Facebook page to receive updates and information about your community.








Standards Tips

Two of the most common complaints that we receive at the VWOA offices are for the control of pets and loud noise. The Bexar County Leash Law does apply here in the Villages of Westcreek. All pets (this includes cats) are to be on a leash if they are not inside of the house or kept in a fenced in yard. In the January 2012 Standards for Architectural Design and Maintenance, the subject of noise is addressed. The quiet hours in the Villages of Westcreek are between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM. The noise standard is for barking dogs, loud music and parties. The offending household will be mailed a Courtesy Letter. Further violations could lead to a loss of privileges by the Board of Directors for up to 60 days.

Even though we have had a lot of rain recently, the Stage Two Water Restrictions are still in effect. These rules are set by SAWS and the City of San Antonio.

With the recent rain we had last week, there was also high winds and some hail. Please check your home for any roof or structural damage to include your wooden fences.

Keep Westcreek Beautiful.  Do not litter. Please take a moment to dispose of any litter you may find.


Public Safety Tip

As the weather has gotten warmer, there are more people who are walking, jogging or running along our streets and sidewalks. Drivers please be aware of these activities and use caution when driving through the Villages of Westcreek. The marked lanes on Military Drive West and Westcreek Oaks Drive are actually for the shoulder of the road, these are not a marked bike lane or running path. Walker, joggers and runners should be using the sidewalks that are provided throughout the Villages of Westcreek and not the street. Bicycle riders should be riding to the far right side of the street and obey all traffic laws and rules of the road, just as if you were operating a motor vehicle.

The use of off road vehicles (motorcycles, ATV’s and etc.) is prohibited within the Villages of Westcreek. This includes the Sports Park and all of the wooded areas adjacent to the Community Center, The Highpoint Village and the Estates Village. The association will prosecute for trespassing and any property damage.

Upcoming Meetings:

May 14, 2012, Board of Directors Executive Session. This is a closed session.

May 17, 2012, Board of Directors at 7:00 pm in the Community Center. All are welcome to attend.


Association Report Card:

Facebook Count: 344

Unpaid Assessments: $103,575.36

Total number on Constant Contact: 1367





Happening This Week:

Monday 05/14

9:00 am-Women’s Total Fitness

5:30 pm -Creative Dance (ages 3-5)

5:30 pm -Ballet/Tap (ages 4-6)

6:30 pm -Cardio Kickboxing

7:30 pm- Zumba

Tuesday 05/15

4:30 pm- ARC Meeting

5: 00 pm-Youth Karate

6:15 pm- Adult Karate

6:30 pm- Communication Committee in Conference Room

7:00 pm – Strategic Planning Committee in Conference Room

7:30 pm- Body Boot Camp

Wednesday 05/16

9:00 am -Women’s Total Fitness

5:30 pm -Hip-Hop (ages 7-12)

5:30 pm- Ballet/Jazz/Tap (ages 7-12)

6:30 pm- Cardio Groove

7:30 pm- Zumba

Thursday 05/17

7:00 pm- VWOA Board of Directors Meeting

Friday    05/18

9:00 am -Women’s Total Fitness

5: 00 pm-Youth Karate

6:15 pm- Adult Karate

7:30 pm- Body Boot Camp

Saturday 05/19

11:00 am- 3:00 pm- VWOA Annual Picnic at the Sports Park

Sunday   05/20

No events

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12395 Military Drive West
San Antonio, TX 78253
Phone: 210-679-8761
Info Line: 210-679-7241
Fax: 210-679-0040

After Hours Emergency Contact Number: 210-494-0659. If Life or Fire Emergency, call 911 first then the after hours Emergency Contact Number.

Office Email:

Board Email:


Monday 9: 00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 9: 00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 9: 00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 9: 00 am – 6:00 pm

NOTE: The Office is open on the 2nd Saturday each month from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm


Mintco, the subcontractor for AT&T will need access to certain backyards. Over the next several weeks, Mintco crews will be working in the Villages of Westcreek. The crews will need to access backyard easements so crew members will be leaving door hangers. Should you receive one, we ask that you please make arrangements or accommodations for the crew members to have access.

Once the work is complete, they will mend any damage caused to your lot during this process.

If you, the homeowner, have any questions you may call Oscar Hernandez with Mintco at 210-634-9055.